Part Time HR Manager

Chicago, Illinois, United States · Human Resources


Want to help make the world a safer, more sustainable and more creative place? It may sound like a lofty goal, but that’s exactly what we’re doing at Black Spectacles. Our platform attracts architects around the world who want to push the limits of their industry. Our content, which includes podcasts, design tutorials and exam prep, helps architects keep pace with emerging technologies and software, so they can do their best work.

Black Spectacles is a young, fast-growing company. To keep that momentum going strong, we’re expanding our team of enthusiastic go-getters. We’re on the hunt for a part-time HR Manager who is eager to use their years of expertise to manage and enhance our employee experience.

You will be working in our office a few days each week, helping the CEO develop strategic initiatives for training and career development. You’ll also manage onboarding and offboarding functions. Additionally, you will administer all tasks related to payroll, insurance, 401k, profit sharing, and other benefits. As our team grows over the next two years, your hours have the possibility expand to full time.


You have a minimum of 7 years experience in Human Resources. You’re at ease managing all time-sensitive details related to payroll and equally adept at crafting strategy for team training and career path development. You pride yourself on mastering minutiae, as well as understanding the big picture and not getting lost in details. You’re composed and resilient and can optimistically deal with pressure while maintaining focus and intensity.

You are driven by an underlying curiosity and desire to know more about things, people or issues by going beyond routine questions and can dig for exact information. You’re able to identify key bargaining points for all parties and work effectively toward solutions.

You frequently take the lead role in improving or enhancing opportunities with a sincere attitude in getting things done. You have a sharp focus on completing all work in a timely manner while remaining responsive enough to react to shifting priorities. You’re also effective in persuading and impressing others in order to get them to take a specific course of action or to make a specific type of impression.

You're not afraid to ask questions and are open to constructive criticism. You're an enthusiastic self-starter who takes ownership of your work. You're also flexible and adapt to change well.

You're willing to be accountable to our customer's success, you encourage and respect your teammates, and you're careful and thoughtful with your work. You also advocate for and value the power of great design. -- ?


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